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Bear MBK

Gender: Male

Sire: Elite "Ranger" Mallard Ranger at Carlvalley


Birth Date: August 19, 2019

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Bear is a Labrador Retriever. He was born at in Kiln, Mississippi, and from the time he was 8 weeks old his desire to retrieve grew and grew. Being a Labrador Retriever Bear’s natural ability to fetch, and use his nose comes natural. Our lines of dogs have this naturally, but we help them along the way by putting them in the right situations to be successful. At around four months of age, Bear came to where Justin took over his training. It didn’t take very long to know that he was a very special Labrador Retriever.

With in the next few months he caught on to everything fairly quickly:

1.Multiple retrieves

2.cold blinds


4.Whistle work

5.Hand casting.

Bear stayed at Massbach Kennels and hunted a full season in Illinois with Justin. After hunting season he sold as a finished retriever to a family in Texas! We couldn’t be happier with his success and his new adventures hunting and being with his family! Labrador Retrievers sure are a blessing and we are lucky to have them!

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