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Advanced Retriever Training

Superior Service and Mission-Focused Approach

Welcome to our advanced retriever training program, where we equip your dog with essential skills to excel in the field. Through whistle training, your dog will master the art of stopping and handling during retrievals, ensuring a seamless and precise performance. Our program emphasizes following the handler’s cast, allowing your dog to go in the desired direction, undeterred by distractions. Your dog will even learn to venture to locations other than where the dummy/bird is perceived, showcasing advanced problem-solving abilities. For those interested in having one of our started dogs trained in advanced retrieving, we recommend beginning with our level 3 started dog program. Join us as we unleash your retriever’s full potential and witness their remarkable growth as accomplished field companions.

The Journey to Advanced Retrieving

Dogs at Massbach Kennels embark on a comprehensive training journey, starting with basic retrieving before advancing to the pinnacle of retriever training.

Step-by-Step Guide to Advanced Retrieving

Step 1: Building Confidence with Marked Retrievers and Basic Blind Retrieves

In this crucial initial phase, we reinforce your dog’s confidence in going out when given the “BACK” command. This serves as the foundation for casting work and ensures your dog follows commands with conviction.

Step 2: Introducing Sit and Heel Commands with Whistle Training

We employ whistle training to teach your dog to respond promptly to the sit and heel commands. This lays the groundwork for advanced handling in the field.

Step 3: Remote Position Work: Pushing Back and Recalling

During this stage, we guide your dog through exercises that encourage returning to the heel position regardless of distractions or temptations, instilling control and compliance.

Step 4: Establishing Left and Right Casts for Casting Over

Left and right casts are introduced to establish the casting over technique, enhancing your dog’s ability to handle multiple directions during retrieves.

Step 5: Repetitious Retrieves to Build Confidence

Through numerous short-range drills, we mix all basic casting concepts, bolstering your dog’s confidence and trust in their handler.

Step 6: Gradually Increasing Difficulty

As your dog masters the drills at short range distances, we gradually add distance, distractions, and diversion dummies to challenge and refine their skills.

Our Unique Training System: Stay Connected with Your Dog’s Progress

At Massbach Kennels, we take pride in our unique 4-part custom-designed system that keeps you connected to your dog’s training progress.

Personalized Training Blog

Upon arrival, each dog is assigned a personalized training blog on our website. This blog serves as a virtual training journal, documenting your dog’s progress and accomplishments.

Task-Oriented Training

Our innovative system employs “TASKS,” which are specific training points and reminders assigned to your dog. These tasks guide our staff in providing structured and effective training.

Video Progressions and Insights

Regular video progressions are uploaded to the blog, allowing you to witness your dog in action. Our experienced staff will provide insights and explanations of the training process.

Staying Aligned with Your Dog’s Development

With yearly evaluations and updates, you can stay informed about your dog’s growth and potential. We ensure that you are always in sync with your dog’s training journey.

At Massbach Kennels, we are passionate about delivering the highest quality retriever training with a focus on excellence, reliability, and a strong bond between you and your canine companion. Let your dog experience the superior service and mission-driven approach that makes us stand out as a leading retriever training facility.

Dogs need to have basic retrieving completed before they go into advanced retrieving. 

Our advanced retriever training program teaches your dog how to stop and handle using the aid of a whistle while out in the field on a retrieve. This program teaches your dog to follow the cast of the handler, learning to go in the desired direction, regardless of what the dog sees or smells. Your dog will also learn to go in a direction other than where he/she thinks the dummy/bird is located. If you want to have one of our started dogs trained in advanced retrieving, please start with a level 3 started dog. 

Step 1: Reinforcement of marked retrievers, and basic blind retrieves using the BACK command. This ensures your dog is confident in going out when he is lined up and told BACK! This is the most important concept to begin casting work. 

Step 2: Introduction of sit and heel using the whistle during the first few weeks to teach your dog to respond to the whistle.

Step 3: Upon completion of step 2, we walk your dog through pushing back, and recalling in from a remote position. Regardless of where he/she thinks the dummies are located. In other words, we want your dog to come back to heel, even if there are birds/dummies to be retrieved. This enforces control and compliance from your dog.

Step 4: Left and right casts to establish casting over. 

Step 5: Mixing of all basic casting concepts into repetitious retrieves to build your dog’s confidence in their handler. This is done with many many short range drills.  

Step 6: Lastly, when your dog understands the drills at short range distances, we slowly add distance, distractions, and diversion dummies. 

Each dog coming into our program will have a blog created on our website. We have a new 4 part custom designed system which allows us to assign training tasks to your dog when they are checked in. These TASKS dictate a scheduled set of training points and reminders, telling our staff when to upload video progressions of your dog for your viewing. Once a video is uploaded, our system will automatically email you the link to watch your dog’s video or see their pictures. These videos will usually include your dog working, and our staff explaining what is happening. Our staff will also lay out what the next training steps/goals will be. Each year we see dogs that come in with tons of drive and desire, who we think will do great and they hit a hang up here or there. We also see what we would consider mediocre dogs come in that turn into nice well rounded dogs with loads of potential to fulfill their owners needs. We take pride in keeping owners up to date with our new blog system, and keeping them in sync with what is going on with their dog. Most dogs will have a beginning video done when they come into our facility, then another video done roughly a week later after a solid evaluation period. This is used to provide a baseline and plan of action for progressing your dog.

Click to see videos of our past and present Advanced Retriever Dogs in training!

Each client will be given the email address of their dog’s handler to stay in direct contact with them. Of course you can also contact Justin at any time at justinkehl266@gmail.com.