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Basic Retriever Training

Building Strong Retrievers:
Basic Retriever Training Program

Shaping Skilled Retrievers: Single Marks, Double Marks, and More

Understanding Our Training Stages

At Massbach Kennels, our basic retriever training program focuses on transforming your dog into a capable retriever for various scenarios. Whether it’s single marks, double marks, or mastering the BACK command for unmarked falls, we cover it all. This includes exposure to guns and working with frozen birds, providing a well-rounded training experience.

Evaluating Your Dog’s Progress

Upon arrival, each dog undergoes an evaluation to determine their starting point in our program. This evaluation helps us tailor the training process to your dog’s individual needs and abilities.

Imprinting and Leash Introduction

Our program includes distinct stages that cater to each dog’s developmental level. Dogs go through an “imprinting” phase, learning the joy of retrieving on land and water. They also develop their scent skills in tall grass. After imprinting, we progress to leash introduction and obedience work.

Stages 1 and 2: Advancing to Marked Retrieves

After completing leash introduction, we combine obedience training with single marked retrieves. From there, we move forward to double marked retrieves, further enhancing your dog’s retrieving capabilities.

Stage 3: Mastering the BACK Command

Once Stages 1 and 2 are accomplished, we introduce the BACK command for blind retrieves. This advanced skill teaches your dog to retrieve unmarked dummies or birds on command. As the training progresses smoothly, we transition away from using a leash and focus on steadiness. We gradually increase distances for both marked and blind retrieves.

Training Duration and Progress

Typically, the Started Dog Training program takes 12-14 weeks from leash introduction onwards. The timeline varies based on factors such as the dog’s age and prior training experiences. Our experienced trainers create a video of your dog upon drop-off and another one after a week of evaluation, ensuring you’re informed about your dog’s progress.

Personalized Attention for Optimal Results

Throughout the training program, we provide numerous one-on-one sessions to establish effective communication and collaboration between you and your dog.

Training Rates and Requirements

Our weekly training rate is $225. To secure a training spot during busy months (February-November), a $225 training deposit and deposit contract are required. Upon drop-off, $900 covers the first 4 weeks of training.

Health and Medication

A shot record is mandatory for all dogs entering the program. While most clients prefer providing their dog’s food, we accommodate this request with containers that hold 70-80 pounds. We also offer heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention unless specific medications are provided by the client.

Stay Informed with Our Blog System

Every dog enrolled in our program receives a dedicated blog on our website. Our advanced 4-part system assigns training tasks, schedules training points, and facilitates video progress uploads. This real-time communication keeps you updated on your dog’s journey, including videos and explanations of the training process.

At Ace’s Retrievers, we take pride in transforming dogs into skilled retrievers, whether for serious hunting or family companionship. Contact us today to learn more about our basic retriever training program and how we can help your dog reach their full potential.

 Justin at any time at justinkehl266@gmail.com.

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