Mt. Carroll, Ilinois

Blood Trail / Shed Hunting

Blood Trail and Shed Hunting Training Program

Building Hunt Drive and Trailing Skills for Successful Hunts

Step 1: Building Hunt Drive

Are you looking to transform your dog into a skilled blood trail and shed hunting companion? At Ace’s Retrievers, we offer a specialized training program that harnesses your dog’s natural instincts to create a confident and effective tracking partner.

Step 2: Introducing Blood Odor

In our blood trail and shed hunting training program, we start by utilizing your dog’s natural drive to retrieve a tennis ball. This is the foundation upon which we build. Our first step is to create what we call “hunt drive.” This refers to your dog’s determination to search for a ball in tall grass without giving up. This hunt drive is crucial for your dog’s ability to follow an odor through challenging terrain.

Step 3: Trailing Training

Once your dog has a solid hunt drive and an affinity for retrieving, we introduce blood and odor. This is where your dog learns to associate the scent of blood with the ball drive. As we progress, we gradually begin trailing training. We construct trails using diluted blood and water, making it progressively more challenging for your dog to follow. By the end of our program, most dogs are confidently trailing 125-150 yard trails, equipped to follow scents through forests with enthusiasm.

Tailoring Training for Every Dog

We understand that not all dogs are tennis ball enthusiasts. For those dogs, we adapt our training approach, using hot dogs or deer meat as rewards. While trickier, this method ensures that every dog can be trained effectively.

Training Approach and Process

Our training program employs a long lead (10-15 feet) and harness to control young dogs, maintaining focus and safety. We recommend using this system during the initial stages to ensure optimal progress. While some clients transition to off-lead training after the first season, we advise caution due to potential risks.

Training Rates and Requirements

Our weekly training rate is $225, with a training deposit of $225 required for reservation during peak months. Upon drop-off, $900 covers the first 4 weeks of training. The course typically spans 12-14 weeks, contingent on your dog’s initial retrieval drive.

Health and Medication

A shot record is mandatory for all dogs entering the program. Most clients prefer to provide their dog’s food, but we accommodate with 70-80 pound food containers. We supply heartworm and flea/tick prevention unless clients bring their dog’s specific medications.

Stay Connected with Your Dog’s Progress

Every dog enrolled in our program receives a dedicated blog on our website. Our custom-designed system assigns training tasks, schedules training points, and allows for video progress uploads. This keeps you informed about your dog’s development, with videos explaining their training journey.

At Ace’s Retrievers, we take pride in molding dogs into skilled blood trail and shed hunting partners. Whether your dog arrives with high drive or hidden potential, our comprehensive program ensures they are well-prepared for successful hunts. Contact us today to start your dog’s transformation.justinkehl266@gmail.com.

Click to see videos of our past and present Blood Trail Dogs in training!