Mt. Carroll, Ilinois

Dagne MBK

Gender: Female


Dam: Sage B

Birth Date: April 5, 2021

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Some interesting information about Labradors:

Your dog will be registered with the AKC. Visit http://akc.org for more info.

The Kennel Club. UK organization equal to our AKC. http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk

The Irish Kennel Club. Irish organization equal to our AKC. http://www.ikc.ie

We use AKC reunite microchips. Visit http://www.akcreunite.org for more info. 

For general Labrador information, visit here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labrador_Retriever

“British/Irish” versus “American” Labrador reading. https://pheasantsforever.org/BlogLanding/Blogs/Nancy-Anisfield/Bird-Dogs-American-Labs-vs-British-Labs.aspx

The International GunDog League Society. Very interesting organization  that hosts the IGL Championship. http://www.internationalgundogleagueretrieversociety.org.uk

Simple explanation of coat colors in labs. Fox Red as a variant of Yellow. http://labbies.com/genetics.htm

More in-depth reading about labrador coat colors. http://labbies.com/genetics.htm

Yet further reading about Labrador coat color genetics. http://labbies.com/genetics2.htm

To read about EIC, exercise induced collapse, visit here. http://www.animalgenetics.us/Canine/Genetic_Disease/EIC.asp

To read about CNM, centronuclear myopathy, visit here. http://www.animalgenetics.us/Canine/Genetic_Disease/CNM.asp

To read about PRA, progressive retinal atrophy, visit here. http://www.thelabradorsite.com/progressive-retinal-atrophy-in-dogs

What are some common OTC (over-the-counter) medicines I can give my dog? Visit here for info, but ALWAYS consult your veterinarian first! http://www.vetstreet.com/our-pet-experts/my-top-10-list-of-over-the-counter-human-meds-that-can-be-used-on-pets



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