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Obedience Training

Obedience Training

Mastering Obedience

Unlock Off-Leash Excellence with Advanced Obedience Training

Comprehensive Off-Leash Training Program

Explore Massbach Kennels’ comprehensive Advanced Obedience Program, designed to empower your dog’s behavior and your handling skills. In just 6-8 weeks, our expert training covers everything from on-lead obedience to off-leash control and recall in various scenarios.

Building a Solid Foundation

The program kicks off with on-lead obedience training, ensuring your dog’s responsiveness while walking and sitting at heel. The initial stage varies based on individual dogs, typically lasting 1 to 5 days, depending on their adaptability and response.

Seamless Transition to Off-Leash

Once your dog excels at on-lead obedience, we introduce electric collar conditioning. Our experienced trainers help your dog associate the electric collar nicks with commands, enabling seamless off-leash performance. This phase ensures your dog’s attentiveness and reliability.

Mastering Recall and Distraction

The training journey progresses to teaching recall work and integrating distractions like other dogs and people. Your dog learns to respond promptly even amidst alluring distractions, making them a well-behaved companion in any environment.

Personalized One-on-One Sessions

Three one-on-one handler sessions enhance the training experience. These sessions allow us to fine-tune your dog’s behavior and provide you with the tools to confidently manage their actions.

Understanding Dog Psychology

Massbach Kennels’ training goes beyond commands, delving into dog psychology education. Our staff guides you through the “why” behind certain behaviors and how to address them effectively.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

Our Advanced Obedience Program is more than a training regimen; it’s a transformational experience for both you and your dog. We’re dedicated to not only training your dog but also empowering you to continue fostering their growth and behavior.

Training Rates and Options

Our weekly training rate is $225. Secure a training spot with a $225 training deposit and deposit contract during peak months. $900 covers the first 4 weeks of training upon drop-off. Additionally, we offer personalized one-on-one training sessions for shorter durations.

Health and Medication

A shot record is required, and most clients prefer providing their dog’s food. Heartworm prevention and flea/tick prevention are provided unless specific medications are provided by the client.

Stay Informed with Our Blog System

Each dog enrolled in our program receives a dedicated blog on our website. Our advanced 4-part system assigns training tasks, schedules training points, and facilitates video progress uploads. Stay informed about your dog’s development and training journey through our comprehensive blog system.

For more information or to reserve a spot for your dog, feel free to contact Justin at justinkehl266@gmail.com. We’re excited to guide you through this transformative obedience training experience.